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Lure Salon Booking System is an ultimate solution based on Laravel (PHP). It's developed for those who want to start their hair, beauty salon or for those who already own one and need an excellent booking solution that will ease their work.

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What Makes This Application Special

Adjustable Website For Your Salon

With an ordering system specially adapted for mobile phones. Your customers will love ordering. You can create a website in a few minutes with your images, logo and content. Already have a website? Read on...

Already Have a Website?

and you need our reservation system, we only offer you the option of reservations to which you create a link from your website. In this case, we can also change the appearance of the booking application to make it look like the user never left your website. For for more information, write to us in the chat below or to our e-mail address.

Great Overview of Bookings and Customers

through an administration interface adapted specifically for your mobile phone. The writing of reservations in the books is over losing contact with customers. You can easily search for customers via the input field or call them right in the reservation list.

Adapt The Website And Reservations To Your Salon

  • Add your company logo and upload up to 10 photos of the salon, which will be visible on the front page of your website

  • Choose the color scheme of the website. We have prepared the most beautiful shades of all primary colors for you.

  • Write a nice welcome title and address for your visitors, which will be displayed on the first page of the website.

  • Create a team with profile pictures, employee introductions and their phone numbers. Set the working hours of your salon.

Easily Communicate With Customers Through The Interface

Each customer submits their data in your reservation system, which is used for communication between the customer and the employee

  • The list of clients is available in the clients section, where they are sorted in alphabetical order.
  • You can quickly search for a customer by name via a simple interface.
  • If you want to add the customer yourself, you can do so using the quick form
  • You can quickly call the customer at any time right from the app

Create A Team And Give Them Access To Your Bookings

  • Enter the e-mail address of the employee's team member and assign him a strong password with which he can then access his administration.

  • The number of employees in the team is not limited and you can add or remove them as you wish.

  • Set working hours for each employee in the team (we also provide lunch time).

  • Does your employee have vacation? You can set it for him in the working hours section.

SMS Notifications About Appointments

Enable your customers to never forget their booked appointment again.

  • Optionally enable the sending of SMS reminders right through the admin interface.
  • The reminder is sent X minutes before the reservation, which ensures that the customer will actually come to the agreed appointment.
  • Twilio integration.
  • View your Twilio account balance.

Why Have An Appointment Booking App?

  • Customers easily book an appointment in a few steps.
  • It works on all browsers and mobile phones.
  • With automatic reminders, eliminate the possibility of your client not coming to the agreed appointment.
  • Fill gaps in your schedule more efficiently, saving time and money.
  • It works 24/7, even outside of your working hours.
  • Communicate easily and faster with customers who have booked an appointment.

How Does The Website Look Like? A demo

You can choose between the website or the app itself.

  • If you already have your own website, we can adapt the application to the appearance of your website
  • For Customization, please contact us on
Check Out The Demo

Send Promotional SMS Messages

  • Inform customers about your promotions, events and discounts
  • Easy creation of campaigns and SMS messages
  • SMS campaigns allow you to easily reach your customers
  • A much higher share of read messages than in e-mail marketing
  • 90% of all SMS messages are read in less than three minutes after they are received (the average time from receipt to opening an SMS message is only 90 seconds)
  • Allows sending promotional SMS messages up to 600 characters long

Weekly Review Of Reservations

Quickly view bookings for the current week.

  • Available on tablets and large screens
  • Color-coded terms for easy review.
  • Navigation to view bookings by week.

Post Customer Reviews

  • Get to know your customers better and improve your services
  • Increase credibility and social presence
  • Empower consumers to have their say and build customer loyalty
  • Improve your browser rankings
  • Your customers themselves submit their opinion about the service via the online application
  • Easy review approvals through the admin interface

Need Support?

For all support and modifications, please send enquiry with below form or write on

For all support and modifications, please send enquiry with below form or write on

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